[Tex/LaTex] good business plan template


I'm looking for a good business plan LaTeX template for a web startup. In my opinion it shouldn't have a standing out "classic" look – for example, fonts like Caslon, Garamond or Computer Modern ooze too much authority for a small company in my eyes; however, I'm open to everything.

Any suggestions / pointers greatly appreciated!

Best Answer

To answer this older question: No, there seems to be no business plan template in LaTeX available. There is nothing on CTAN and I only could find unsuccessful forum / usenet threads about the topic:


In my experience this kind of documents is done by people which hardly use LaTeX. Even so it is normally done by a group of people which collaborate on it and as long not everyone is using LaTeX this doesn't work easily. I know it from my patent submissions where it is a little similar.

Even if someone would have written a good business plan with LaTeX it is a lot of work to turn it into a good, general template, which people which just finished a business plan usually don't have. I would recommend you to search for general guidelines about how a business plan should look like and then ask specific questions here if you have trouble getting one of the guidelines implemented.