[Tex/LaTex] good document template for making business cards


Is there a good document template for making business cards?

Best Answer

The labels package is excellent for this, if you want to hand-craft the layout within the card.

Thanks, @MartinScharrer, for your excellent suggestion. Here's a small(?), imperfect example for people to play with:

% !TEX TS-program = xelatex
\setsansfont{Source Sans Pro Light}
\LabelGridtrue%  <-- or \LabelGridfalse
    {\Large\scshape Charles Dickens}\\[1ex]
    \textit{Narrative Typography}\\
    48 Doughty Street\\
    {\textsc{uk: wc1n 2lx}}\\   

And here's a bit of the output. Note that I've included the label borders, which I wouldn't do for 'production':

enter image description here

A rather late, and probably obvious, afterthought: although PC printers for "amateurs" generally produce consistent positioning on the page, the absolute position of the PDF sheet when printed may not match the exact boundaries of the paper. So if you're using expensive precut visiting card sheets, print a proof first, to check alignment with the actual cards.