[Tex/LaTex] Good LaTeX template for book about maths


As I want to write a short "book" about Analysis I would like to work with a template which is good enough for readability, looks good and furthermore can handle dozens of my theorems, axioms, corollaries etc. by layouting them as good as possible. Can anyone suggest or even provide a good template which satisfies my needs?

Best Answer

i would suggest using the amsbook document class. it incorporates amsthm and amsmath, and is tuned particularly for use with math-heavy books. several publishers other than the ams (american math society) base their house packages on amsbook.

for variations in the final appearance (while using exactly the same input), there are several ams "author packages" that format the output in the specified style of the different ams book series. all are extensions to amsbook, guaranteeing consistency of input handling and the ability to switch smoothly from one style to another if desired.

there are some differences between amsbook and the basic latex book class, principally in the input style of the top matter and in the inclusion of starred chapter and section titles in the table of contents; these are "house style" matters based on traditional ams practices. these decisions are subjective; your mileage may vary.

amsbook is part of the amscls collection (formerly ams-latex), which is included in the latex "required" components. all are on ctan and in the tex live distribution.

disclaimer: before my retirement, i was one of the maintainers of the ams-latex collection, and principal support contact when ams authors encountered problems.