[Tex/LaTex] vim+LaTeX Suite: How to jump to the Error List window


I am trying to learn how to use vim latex-suite and following the tutorial, A (very) quick introduction to Latex-Suite. When I compiled and got some errors, I see the Error List, etc with split windows.

I am in Debugging LaTeX source files page of the tutorial. It says "Jump to the Error List window and try scrolling around…", but how can I jump to the Error List?

Best Answer

Ctrl-W w,

Ctrl-W starts a (W)indow jumping. Some plugin (minibuffer) lets you do Ctrl-W j (j as down), google around to see how it is achieved.

Or, if you have a terminal that's properly configured, or you are using gvim, just use mouse to click the Error List window. Actually for this installation when I tried \ll, the cursor automatically jumped down into the Error List window.