[Tex/LaTex] Problems installing vim latex-suite


I'm working on mac.

  • I donwloaded the archive 1.8.23 from the SourceForge page
  • I extracted its contained files in my ~/.vim/ directory
  • I made the necessary changes (described in de vim latex manual) in my ~/.vimrc file (which I had to create because it did not exist yet)
  • I opened vim and typed :helptags ~/.vim/doc
  • I reopened vim and started editing an existing .tex file, but it seems vim latex-suite is not being loaded properly…

What am I doing wrong?
I tried several things, including going into the ~/.vim/ directory, and used make, but I got the following errors :

rm -rf -- ./vim-latex-1.8.23-20100914-r
svn export -r HEAD . vim-latex-1.8.23-20100914-r
svn: '.' is not a working copy
make: *** [snapshot] Error 1

EDIT : My .vimrc file here.

Best Answer

If I understand you correctly, you have tried make and not make install.

The Makefile is written such that make downloads the newest snapshot with SVN, and make install installs it. Try make install instead!

I would have written suggestion as a comment, but I do not have enough reputation.