[Tex/LaTex] Remove page number of section heading page


I am writing a report and want to have roman numerals numbering the pages prior to my Introduction section. I have the following:





\chapter*{\centering Executive Summary}


\chapter{Introduction} %I want the first page of my introduction chapter to
                       %count as page one of my document but not be displayed. 
                       %However, I would like to display the second page with 
                       %arabic numbering.

The issue I have is I don't know how many lines in my LaTeX code will fit on the first page, so I can't just use

and then

One solution I have thought of is just putting the text in and figuring out how many lines are used before a new page is created, then implementing the page numbering there, but it seems that there must be an alternative that is modular.


Note: Document class is report.

Best Answer

You can use \thispagestyle{empty} right after the first \chapter command.

Here is the usage:


Which produces:

enter image description here

on the first page of the introduction, and:

enter image description here

from the second on