[Tex/LaTex] printed margins not correspond with pdf


I'm writing my thesis. My page layout:

     \usepackage[inner=3cm,outer=2cm,tmargin=2.0cm,bmargin=2.0cm,includefoot, includehead]{geometry}

After printed, I measured the margins with ruler and margins are not good.its varies from printer to printer :s

Best Answer

Well, first of all, don't panic!

Second, your configuration with the geometry package seems about right, so there shouldn't be any problems if that is indeed what you want your margins to be. You can see this by also setting the option showframe, e.g.:


Furthermore, you can check your layout lengths with the layouts package (see here)


%Recto Page

%Verso Page
\verb|\marginparwidth|: \printinunitsof{mm}\prntlen{\marginparwidth}


enter image description here

Third, a stated by @samcarter and @Arne, there is a tolerance related to every printer and even every sheet of paper! So don't be so hard on yourself if you see some minor discrepancies.

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