[Tex/LaTex] Line break inside \title


This is template for the abstract as we received it from the org.committee. I cannot make line break in the title. I am very grateful in advance for help.

\setlength\textheight{48pc}%45 eil.
\advance\textheight by\topskip
\def\title#1{\centerline{\LARGE\bf #1}\vskip .5em}
\def\author#1{\noindent{#1}\vskip .5em}
\def\address#1{\noindent{\it #1}\vskip .5em}



\title{Markov-Modulated Linear Regression for Incomplete Observations}


Best Answer

This "template" has all the appearance of being something of a hack. The problem is with \centerline (often a danger signal!) (as is \bf)

What about

 \centering\LARGE\bfseries #1\par
 \vskip .5em%

This will allow the line to break "naturally", or by means of manual linebreaks (which a solution using longstack doesn't: it requires manual breaking, not that it probably matters much here).

(But of course it's often unacceptable to alter anything in a template, in which case the only real solution is to shorten your title!)