[Tex/LaTex] Preventing page break after title page


I am trying to create a title page for my thesis proposal, which is using the article class. I have the page formatted correctly, but it does not act like the default article title page where the document starts on the title page. Instead, I get the body of the proposal starting on the second page, which is not what I want. Also, it is not sufficient to just put the abstract on the title page; the first section should also start on the title page if there is room.

Here is my code right now:

        {\LARGE Insert Title Here \par}
        \vskip 2em
        A Master's Thesis Proposal \\
        {\tiny by} \\
        Christopher J. Lieb \\
        \vskip 2em
        Thesis Advisor \par
        Professor Gary Pollice \par
        \vskip 1em
        {\Large \makebox[3in]{\hrulefill} \par}
        \vskip 1em
            \today \\
            Department of Computer Science\\
            Worcester Polytechnic Institute\\
            100 Institute Road\\
            Worcester, MA  01609\\}

I am just inserting it right at the beginning of my document environment. I started this from the article.cls where I thought the title page was being created, but apparently I missed the part that gets rid of the page break.

How do I make the document start on the title page like the article class does?

Best Answer

Simply redefining \endtitlepage in the preamble would be sufficient: