[Tex/LaTex] Include a HTML file in a LaTeX-beamer presentation


I have a HTML file available at this URL :


And I'd like to put it into my beamer presentation. I don't want it to be static like a .png or .jpg picture, I want, during my presentation (and in my pdf, as you've understood) to be able to hover datas and see all the features of the html document : I want this functionnality to work when I have my mouse on the graph:

% What Packages should I add ?
    \begin{frame}{Julia performances}
    % What code should I use ?

Best Answer


Include a static image as preview which is linked to the website



    \href{http://khamphouj.iiens.net/ENSIIE/ENSTA/Plot 1.html}{\includegraphics[height=.99\textheight]{newplot}}

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