[Tex/LaTex] How to convert a beamer based LaTeX file to HTML


I have a LaTeX beamer-based presentation that I would like to convert to HTML. How do I go about it?
I've tried the typical LaTeX to HTML translators (eg. tth). But they do not handle beamer presentations.

Best Answer

You can use text4ht, as @Raphink says. However, I'm not familiar with the mk4ht command. On Windows I use htlatex alone and it works most of the time. Before I address the solution, here are some assumptions:

  1. You have htlatex in your environment path. That means, that in a command prompt you can use it just by typing htlatex, and it will execute the command. If you don't have it in your environment variables, you should use the full path to the command.
  2. You should be in the directory in which you have your .tex files. You need to move using cd /d F:\path\to\your\files (The /d option changes the drive in case is different from the one you are in now).

So, the solution is quite simple, you have to type in the command prompt: htlatex file.tex html "" -dhtml "--interaction=nonstopmode". So what it does? you may ask. The file.tex is your file, html is the output format, -dhtml is the directory in which the output should be written, in this case the directory is named html, you can change it to anything, for example, -dmydir, and finally the "--interaction=nonstopmode" is a parameter passed to the compilation so it doesn't stop for answers.

If you want, you can use an script I made, it is in here. You can place it in your directory and just execute it, or place it somewhere in your environment path and use it anywhere.