[Tex/LaTex] good plain TeX tutorial that explains about doing automation and making layout


I am interested in learning plain TeX especially in

  1. automation: looping, conditional branching, jumping, iterating, etc.
  2. layout: creating custom smart tables and boxes that can span cross pages.

What is the most often used commands for doing those above? At least I have a rough direction to the target.


Reading Knuth's book needs much time. I want to be more practical and instant first. Later after grasping the rough and basic understanding, I will read the Knuth's book.

Best Answer

I know only of two:



You'll find free pdf versions of the books in the directories. If you will be a member of DANTE (Germans TeX user group http://www.dante.de) you'll get a free copy of the book TeX by Topic`. At least for mebers in 2014.