[Tex/LaTex] What are good resources for a beginner, non-computer genius type of person, to learn Plain TeX


I noticed that there are a lot of "beginner" resources for LaTeX, lots of novice friendly tutorials etc.

Are there similar resources available for Plain TeX that are geared towards beginners?

Please note, prior to answering, that this question only relates to "Plain TeX".

To the best of my research, all of the TeX.SE existing answers setting out beginner resources deal only with "LaTeX".

The answer: what-are-good-learning-resources-for-a-latex-beginner is great for people who want to learn LaTeX. It does not however address those people (including me) who want to get started on learning Plain TeX.

The answers given so far are well thought out "Plain TeX" beginner resources.

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Best Answer

Grab a copy of TeX for the Beginner, by Wynter Snow. It teaches basics of Plain TeX programming and has notes for LaTeX users explaining key differences and how to implement similar features. Additionally, browsing through the Plain TeX contributions directory of CTAN may give you some useful code to learn from.