[Tex/LaTex] Create a good looking 2-actor normal-form game such as Prisoner’s Dilemma


I am having difficulties in adjusting the TikZ code to get a symmetrical output matrix; I guess the * is the reason the right block is somehow higher?




\caption{Collective action problem in the Prisoners' Dilemma}
\label{Collective action problem in the Prisoners' Dilemma}
\begin{tikzpicture}[element/.style={ minimum width=1.75cm,minimum height=0.85cm}]
\matrix (m) [matrix of nodes,nodes={element},column sep=-\pgflinewidth, row sep=-\pgflinewidth,]{
         & Cooperate & Defect  \\
Cooperate & |[draw]|3,3 & |[draw]|1,4 \\
Defect & |[draw]|4,1 & |[draw]|2,2* \\
\node[above=0.25cm] at ($(m-1-2)!0.5!(m-1-3)$){\textbf{Actor A}};
\node[rotate=90] at ($(m-2-1)!0.5!(m-3-1)+(-1.25,0)$){\textbf{Actor B}};
 \node [below=1.5cm, align=flush center,text width=8cm]
            Number left (right) of comma refers to A's (B's) preference ordering (1 = worst outcome; 4 = best outcome). * indicates the equilibrium.         

Best Answer

You can "pretend" that the * is not here (i.e: it takes no space) by putting \smash{\rlap{*}} instead of simply *. This way not only all cells will have the same size, but also the 2.2 will be vertically aligned with 1.4: