[Tex/LaTex] What under \subsubsection


In a \subsubsection, I'm describing a software component, and I have to describe the classes it is composed of. I'm thinking to add some "titles" like "Class 1", "Class 2", but what's the best way to do this?

The simple way I know is to put a \noindent \textbf{myTitle}, is there a smarter way?

Thoses sub-titles don't go in the index, but it is important they are clearly distinguishable

Best Answer

The standard classes provide the additional sectioning commands \paragraph and \subparagraph below the \subsubsection level. By default, these levels are unnumbered, aren't included in the table of contents and are typeset in "runin" style, i.e., without a vertical space between level title and following text.

For a general overwiew of sectioning commands, see section 2.7 of lshort.