[Tex/LaTex] What symbol should one use for a set complement


What symbol should I use for a set complement? It seems that the \complement isn't quite appropriate: it seems taller (perhaps a unary operator to appear before a set?). I guess for now \mathsf{c} works.

Best Answer

As the commenters have said, there isn't a strong consensus on this one. Here are a few conventions I know about:


    \stcomp{(A \cup B)} = \stcomp{A} \cap \stcomp{B}


\newcommand{\stcomp}[1]{{#1}^\complement}  \eqn
\renewcommand{\stcomp}[1]{\overline{#1}}           \eqn
\renewcommand{\stcomp}[1]{{#1'}}           \eqn
\renewcommand{\stcomp}[1]{\widetilde{#1}}           \eqn
\renewcommand{\stcomp}[1]{{#1}^{\sim}}           \eqn
\renewcommand{\stcomp}[1]{{#1}^{\mathsf{c}}}           \eqn
\renewcommand{\stcomp}[1]{X\setminus{#1}}           \eqn


sample code

Of all of these I've used ^\complement the most, and the overbar is the one I've seen the most. I have to say I really like your ^\mathsf{c} implementation.