[Tex/LaTex] Using \thanks and \footnote without without numbering/mark and line


I want to use \thanks and \footnote without any numbering/mark with my title. Is there a way to do it?

I use:


after Alan Munn's answer it works for the numbering or mark, but what about the line just above the footnote?

Best Answer

As the comments suggest, there may be some issues with the particular document class you are using, but with the regular article or scrartcl classes (but not with classes that create a title page) you can simply redefine \footnotemark in your preamble. This won't affect the further use of footnotes in the document (which I assume you still want to have numbered normally.) I've also added code to remove the footnote rule.

\author{An Author}
\title{A title\thanks{Some thanks}}
Some text\footnote{Hello}