[Tex/LaTex] Use roman numerals for cite in BibLaTeX

biblatexroman numerals

I'm using BibLaTeX for my bibliography, with the the following options:

\usepackage[backend=bibtex8, citestyle=numeric, defernumbers=true, bibstyle=numeric, autocite=superscript]{biblatex}

I would like to know how I could use roman numerals instead of arabic numerals for enumerating bibliography entries. I have already found that question, but the answer doesn't entirely suit my needs.

What I want is something like this:

Some text. [I]


[I] The corresponding reference.

Instead of this:

Some text. [1]


[1] The corresponding reference.

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

It should be enough to have


for lowercase numerals, or


for uppercase numerals.

If a shorthand is present it is used instead of a number, but still the labelnumber format seems to apply, so something like


is a bit safer.






picture of MWE output

Since biblatex version 3.1 and more specifically commit e5c2826 the fix previously contained in this answer is obsolete; it has been removed (but can be of course be found in the revision history).