[Tex/LaTex] biblatex: multiple bibliographies with same prefix, using resetnumber


I've tried a few days to get the following done with biblatex:

I need two bibliographies, whose entries should be preceded by a letter, e.g. "A". The second bibliography should continue the numbering from the first, i.e. it should read

First bibliography

[A1] Some reference

[A2] some other reference

Second bibliography

[A3] a third reference

[A4] and the last reference

Main bibliography

[1] a reference

[2] another reference

[3] and so on

The MWE I used for testing:





\printbibliography[keyword=primary, title={primary}, prefixnumbers={A}]
\printbibliography[keyword=secondary, title={secondary}, prefixnumbers={A}]
\printbibliography[notkeyword=primary,notkeyword=secondary, title={other},resetnumbers]


I read the manual about the defernumbers and resetnumbers options to biblatex. Maybe I get something wrong there… So far I tried:

  • global option defernumbers not set results in [A1], [A2], [A3], [A4], [5], [6], … (and a warning that defernumbersshould be set to 'true' globally…)
  • defernumbers=true results in [A1], [A2], [A1], [A2], [1], [2], …
  • resetnumbers doesn't have any effect, no matter if defernumbers is true or false (in the latter case obviously as the global option is a requirement for resetnumbers). It doesn't have an effect if I try to reset the number of the second prefixed bibliograpy, too (as far as I understand, resetnumbers is implicitly contained in prefixnumbers…)

Is the only way to achieve the bibliographies as written above by defining different bib-environments like in Override implicit resetnumbers when using Biblatex's prefixnumbers?!

No biblatex-solution possible? I even tried the dev-Version 3.0, but to no avail…

Any hints for that problem are appreciated

Best Answer





\printbibliography[keyword=primary, title={primary}]
\printbibliography[keyword=secondary, title={secondary}]

\printbibliography[notkeyword=primary,notkeyword=secondary, title={other},resetnumbers]



  • I changed to biber and didn't test with bibtex8
  • Delete the aux-file before the test - biblatex stores label values there and they can be very persistent.

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