[Tex/LaTex] Unable to use \thanks for one author


EDIT 2: My question was indeed a duplicate or otherwise clouded in some of my own misunderstanding. Apologies for the inconvenience.

EDIT: This question was closed as a duplicate, but the thread linked does not solve my problem. My issue is that I cannot put any sort of \thanks, \footnote, or even \footnotemark inside of the second argument of \author. Also, I am not adding a URL. I am adding text.

I am struggling to add a \thanks to the second author (which should go at the bottom of the first page). In the following, the only thing that's missing is (a) a number/symbol for the second author, and (b) a number/symbol for the footer that \thanks creates. Putting thanks inside the second author full name threw an error. I also tried \footnote, but didn't manage to make it work.

\usepackage{amsmath,amssymb,amsthm, amsfonts,color}


\title{A paper}

\author[F. Author]{First Author}
\author[S. Author]{Second Author}\thanks{for all the fish}
\address{the department\\
a place}
\email[F. Author]{fauthor@theschool.edu} 
\email[S. Author]{sauthor@theschool.edu}


the abstract

lots of good stuff 


output of the above code

Hopefully this is easy to solve. Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

It may not be desirable to identify exactly which author was given a specific grant or is thanking their sponsor. It may be more diplomatic to Say

The Authors would both like to thank AMS for their generous support of this published article

\documentclass[11pt]{amsart} % A-M-S-ART-icle 
% Templates and template classes are built with ONE prime
% purpose, that is they serve to provide a like it or not framework. 
% ``As author, you are responsible for the content of your paper. 
% At the production end, the concern is to turn the (electronic)
% manuscript into a published document in the style of the designated journal
% see http: //mirrors.ctan.org/info/amscls-doc/Author_Handbook_Journals.pdf

% Unmarked, unnumbered footnotes on the first page of an article should include
% primary classification numbers according to the 2010 Mathematics Subject 
% Classification scheme (www.ams.org/msc) (required);  grant information (optional);
% and key words and phrases describing the subject matter of the article (optional). 

% Formatting is automatic when using the AMS style files. 

% That framework may be upset by the use of package
% contents in a different order or subsequent changes
% to that envisioned by the template writers at the time.
% Item sequencing or structure should not be changed.
% to check what can be here and in what order consult
% the documentation. If you add an item to a template 
% it is your responsibility to change one item at a time
% for comparability.
\usepackage{lipsum} % for demonstration only 

\begin{document} % Be aware this document is invalid it does not follow class rules

%main data block
%% The title of the paper goes here.  Edit to your title.
\title[short]{A duplicate question} % longtitle data to be placed at start
%% Now edit the following to give first name and address:
%% Also you can Give information on grants or contracts under which the research
%% was performed, including grant number, using the \thanks command. 
\author{I'm First Author} % author sign off to be placed at article closing is a fixed sequence
\address{At the department, some plaice\vspace{0.3cm}} % A one line SC entry 
\email{foo@theschool.edu}% Italics then bold
\thanks{Thanks... @ barbara beeton ... for all her hard work as TeX ``champion'' at AMS} % the first authors thanks data is collected from any first occurrence
%% If there is a secondary author edit the following.
\author{ALSO Second Author}
%\address{ALSO At the department, some plaice} % IF required for a second establishment
\email{ALSO bar@theschool.edu}% Italics then bold
% Second authors thanks data is collected from the correct placement of defining 2nd \thanks
\thanks{ALSO Thanks to @ sigma-finite for a generous grant of ``If at first it does not work ... lets describe it''}
%%% The following is for the abstract.  The abstract is optional and
%%% if not used just delete, or comment out, the following.
%\begin{abstract}% Environment data for Title abstract data on first page
%The abstract is defined before the maketitle command is invoked
%%  LaTeX will not make the title for the paper unless told to do so.
%%  This is done by uncommenting the following.
\maketitle % For amsArt(icle) class maketitle function should appear after above data is loaded including abstract

\section{How AMS article class works}

We can see the AMS Class is not expecting any data in the \bf first page footing \normalfont other than mandatory classification such as \bf 15-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. or optional thanks for grants \normalfont or other abstract key words\\\par Lots of good floating stuff \hfill \lipsum [1-2]

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