[Tex/LaTex] Using \author and \thanks for authors with common affiliations


What is the correct way to use \author and \thanks when I want to have multiple authors having common affiliations? For instance, using

\author{ABC\thanks{XYZ} \and DEF\thanks{UVW} \and GHI\thanks{XYZ}}

produces the following output

enter image description here

at the top of the page and the following output at the bottom of the page

enter image description here

I would like to get rid of XYZ repeating twice at the bottom of the page since authors ABC and GHI have same affiliation.

Best Answer

There may be more general ways of dealing with this, but I'm not sure how much investment should be put in with greater reward than a quick manual intervention.

Since \thanks is just a footnote with a differently formatted number, you can use \footnotemark[<num>] to fix it to affiliation <num>. So, using your example, GHI belongs to \footnotemark[1], which is the same as the affiliation of ABC:

enter image description here

\title{My title}
\author{ABC\thanks{XYZ} \and DEF\thanks{UVW} \and GHI\footnotemark[1]}

There's no need to provide an accompanying \footnotetext, since this is already provided by \thanks{XYZ} for ABC.

This minimal usage might not be optimal for accurate interaction with hyperref. However, this might not be needed.