[Tex/LaTex] troubleshoot needed for LaTeX Error: Command \item invalid in math mode


Can someone please troubleshoot this?

It gives me an

\item invalid in math mode

although I use a very similar casing on a previous frame.

Requiring the partition function to be modular invariant, gives some properties to $\epsilon(\alpha,\beta)$.
\item Under $\tau \rightarrow \tau+1$ 
\{\alpha,\beta\} \rightarrow e^{-i\pi n(\alpha)/8}\{\alpha,\bar \alpha \beta\}.
This will require $\epsilon(\alpha,\beta)=\varepsilon_\alpha\epsilon(\alpha,\bar \alpha \beta\)$.
\item Under $\tau \rightarrow -\frac{1}{\tau}$ 
\{\alpha,\beta\} \rightarrow e^{i\pi n(\alpha \cap \beta)/4}\{\beta, \alpha\}.
This will require $\epsilon(\alpha,\beta)=\delta_\alpha\delta_\beta\epsilon(\beta, \alpha)\varepsilon_{\alpha \cap \beta}^{-2}$.
In the equations above $\varepsilon_\alpha=e^{-i\pi n(\alpha)/8}$.

Best Answer

You have a spurious \) before the start of the second \item, which should only be ).