[Tex/LaTex] titlesec and \section* in \titleformat


I use \titleformat (titlesec package) to make some fancy headings in my documents. But I did not find a way to know, in the \titleformat specifications, if the section is made with a \section or a \section*.

Is there a way to detect that and make some test on it ?

What I want (a minimal example):

\titleformat{\section}[block]{first}{label}{0pt}{\ifsectionstar{#1}{\bf #1}}[trailer]

Best Answer

You can define the titleformat for starred versions with the numberless key, i.e, like

\titleformat{\section}[block]           {first}{label}{0pt}{\textbf{#1}}[trailer] % all versions
\titleformat{\section}[block,numberless]{first}{label}{0pt}{#1}[trailer] % starred version