[Tex/LaTex] tikZ – mindmap – How to increase the font size of text in a node concept


I have just drawn a mind map with your help in a previous question.

Once I print the document, the font is too small and does not read very well.
Before to reduce the length of text I am looking for a way to increase the font size.
I looked for on the manual but I did not found it.

Can you help me?

Best Answer

Probably you should read @cfr answer --- that one is a more comprehensive one.

But to adjust things on the spot, you can hack like that:


        mindmap, concept color=blue!70, grow cyclic,
  \node[concept] {Root}
        child[concept]{ node[concept]{Level 1 A} } 
        child[concept]{ node[concept]{Level 1 B}  
            child[concept, font=\fontsize{10pt}{12pt}\selectfont]{
                node[concept]{Level 2 10pt} } 
            child[concept, font=\fontsize{12pt}{14pt}\selectfont]{
                node[concept]{Level 2 12pt} } 
            child[concept, font=\fontsize{14pt}{17pt}\selectfont]{
                node[concept]{Level 2 14pt} } 

and remember that maybe you need to tweak text width and minimum size keys.

Example results

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