[Tex/LaTex] Texmaker cannot load dictionary


In texmaker, though I have configured the dictionary, i cannot still check the spelling, any idea??

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Best Answer

I had the same problem but the .dic files that I used didn't work.

Texmaker Error : Can’t open the dictionary

To solve this error you need to install the spell-checker

  • Use: sudo apt-get install myspell-de-de myspell-en-us or use sudo apt-get install myspell-*

  • Then find the dictionary: locate *.aff

There were two directories that contained dictionary files in my computer; /usr/share/hunspell/ and /usr/share/myspell/. Only one of the "myspell" dictionaries worked, while all the "hunspell" dictionaries worked (so far) .

Probably the .dic file from "myspell" doesn’t work without a corresponding .aff file...

  • Chose the .aff file that you want and enter its path into texmaker at options --> configure texmaker --> editor --> spelling dictionary then click ok.

  • Right click on your "code" and click on check spelling to make sure it's working.