[Tex/LaTex] Showcase of beautiful typography done in TeX & friends


If you were asked to show examples of beautifully typeset documents in TeX & friends, what would you suggest? Preferably documents available online (I'm aware I could go to a bookstore and find many such documents called 'books'). Extra bonus for documents whose LaTeX source is available.

This is not an idle question. Seeing great examples of any craft is both educational and inspiring, let alone explaining why we prefer TeX to Word or other text editors.

For instance, I like how Philipp Lehman's Font Installation Guide looks. I don't know enough LaTeX to realize how much customization was done, but the ToC looks polished.

Your nominations, please …

Best Answer

Lately, I've begun working on duplicating a 16th century French Bible with XeTeX:


It features image lettrine and OTF features using XeTeX, specifically the advanced features from the open-source EB Garamond font, some of which were implemented specifically for this project (thanks to Georg Duffner's great reactivity).

French Bible using EB Garamond

Second page

The project is still a work in progress (the marginpars can be improved) and only features one page so far.


After reworking a few details, I ordered a printed copy recently, using zazzle:

Printed poster

Edit on 2015/07/07:

Fixed some details in the first page, and added a second page, featuring the EB Garamond Initials font.