[Tex/LaTex] Showcase of beautiful invitations in TeX


I'm interested in using TeX and friends to produce beautifully typeset invitations (for parties, weddings, and especially thesis defences). I understand that there is a package gcard for making folded greeting cards, but it's fairly simple. I would love to see a list of, or links to, more sophisticated-looking examples for inspiration and motivation. (If the complete source code is freely available and adaptable, so much the better.)

Best Answer

I made an invitation using Xe/LuaLaTeX and a TikZ fading over an OpenStreetMap generated map excerpt. Here is a link to the map I used (I don't know how long it is valid).

\setmainfont[Ligatures=TeX]{Adobe Garamond Pro}
\tikzfading[name=fade right,
left color=transparent!0,
right color=transparent!100]
\begin{tikzpicture}[overlay,remember picture]
  \node[anchor=east,inner sep=0pt] (pic) at (current page.east)
  \fill[white,path fading=fade right] (pic.north west) rectangle (pic.south east);
  \coordinate (pin) at (12,-2.5);
  \filldraw[ultra thick,draw=red,fill=red!50] (pin) -- ++(70:.5) arc (-20:200:.18) -- cycle;
  \path (pin) -- ++(0,.5) node[draw,fill,red,circle,inner sep=1pt] {};
{\addfontfeatures{Scale=3,LetterSpace=10} INVITATION}

  Dear friend,

  I'd love to invite you to my party.

  Sincerly, your friend.


{\addfontfeatures{Scale=1.4,LetterSpace=5}\scshape when?}
  December 24\/\rlap{,}\textsuperscript{th} 2015
  8\kern.5pt:\kern.5pt30 pm
{\addfontfeatures{Scale=1.4,LetterSpace=5}\scshape where?}
  Times Square,
  London E1,

enter image description here