[Tex/LaTex] RevTex4-1 warning: “Repair the float package”


I am compiling a simple document in pdflatex using RevTex4-1 class and am getting this warning:

Class revtex4-1 Warning: Repair the float package.

The document seems to be fine (I have a single figure in it). I can't find anything online explaining this warning though, so I decided to ask the community. What is this? Do I need to fix it? If so, how?

Here is my preamble:

documentclass[twocolumn,noshowpacs,noshowkeys,pra,aps,longbibliography]       {revtex4-1}%

Best Answer

The revtex4-1 class defines several similar messages, for instance

351 \@ifx{\eqnarray\eqnarray@LaTeX}{%
352  \class@info{Repairing broken LaTeX eqnarray}%
353  \let\eqnarray\eqnarray@fleqn@fixed
354  \newlength\eqncolsep
355  \setlength\eqncolsep\z@
356  \let\eqnarray@LaTeX\relax
357  \let\eqnarray@fleqn@fixed\relax
358 }{}%

The warning you get is quite similar in essence:

3979 \appdef\document@inithook{%
3980  \@ifxundefined\newfloat{}{%
3981   \@ifx{\float@end\float@end@float}{%
3982    \@ifx{\newfloat\newfloat@float}{\true@sw}{\false@sw}%
3983    }{\false@sw}%
3984    {%
3985     \class@warn{Repair the float package}%
3986     \let\float@end\float@end@ltx
3987     \let\newfloat\newfloat@ltx
3988    }{%
3989     \class@warn{Failed to patch the float package}%
3990    }%
3991  }%
3992 }%

but, for some reasons, “Repairing” turned into “Repair”. It's almost certainly a small bug, but the warning is completely innocuous.

It is issued because algorithm loads float. If you want to turn it off, use the silence package: add

\WarningFilter{revtex4-1}{Repair the float}

to your preamble and the warning will disappear.

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