[Tex/LaTex] Problem with \maketitle in moderncv


I downloaded the moderncv template for LyX, I tried to compile it but this error appears:


Your command was ignored.
Type I to replace it with another command,
or to continue without it.

If I delete \maketitle it works, but the title, name and so don't appear!
I am not able to use LaTeX, I only use Lyx.
Please help me!

Best Answer

For me both \maketitle and \makecvtitle works fine. Have you set in the preamble something like this?:

% possible themes are "classic" and "casual"
% optional argument are 'blue' (default), 'orange', 
% 'red', 'green', 'grey' and 'roman' (for roman fonts,
% instead of sans serif fonts)
\firstname{Long John} % required
\familyname{\\Silver} % required
\title{Curriculum vitae} % optional 
\address{Treasure Island}{Pacific}% optional
\phone{555555555} % optional
\mobile{555555555}% optional
\fax{+43(0)999 7777} % optional
\email{ljsilver@treasureisland.com} % optional
\extrainfo{Pieces of Eight!} %optional
\photo[2 cm]{silverface} % optional
\quote{"Stand by to go about"} % optional