[Tex/LaTex] Problem with bibliography. Double quotes appear around title


    “Samsung’s “3D vertical” NAND crams a terabit on
    a single chip,” http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/08/

This is how it appears in my bibliography. I am using cite and url packages.

My code looks like this


My entry in bib file is

      title={Samsung's ``3{D} Vertical'' {NAND} crams a terabit on a single chip},
      note = {\url{http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2013/08/samsungs-3d-vertical-nand-crams-a-terabit-on-a-single-chip/}}

I do not want double quotes around title and it should maintain the case. I tried biblatex package but that does not work with IEETran. Please help

Best Answer

If the journal requires you to use the IEEEtran bibliography style, you shouldn't modify any of the style file's settings -- including the one that automatically places double quotes around the title field of an entry of type @article, in apparent contravention of the stated stylistic requirements...

What you can -- and probably should -- do for the sake of good typography is to use single quotes instead of double quotes to surround the string 3D Vertical.

Second, to preserve the uppercase spelling of some of the letters in the title field, just surround them with curly braces. (You've already done just this with the string NAND, by the way.)

Thus, you may want to write the entry's title field as

title = {Samsung's `{3D Vertical}' {NAND} crams a terabit on a single chip},
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