[Tex/LaTex] preview-latex does not function


Preview-latex installs, but doesn't actually preview. When I generate the preview from the source, all I see is… the source. For example, the math equations are highlighted, but not rendered.

Some version information:
emacs23 on Lion, and I just installed mactex and auctex today.

Here is an example latex document I've tried:

solution to $\sqrt{x}=5$ is $x=25$.

(also, the circ.tex sanity-check which comes with auctex doesn't work either)

Best Answer

I answered a similar question elsewhere on this site, but I will post the answer here as well. It is extremely frustrating, and I want as many people to find this as possible. If moderators disagree, feel free to delete these posts and let me know


Open a .tex file (or make one). I will assume that you are using Emacs23, using an Xwindow (Mine is in Gnome). Go to the menu bar and do:

Preview -> Customize -> Browse Options

In this buffer, do:

Preview GS -> Preview GS options -> [click on the little arrow to show the options] -> del -dSAFER

C-x C-s to save, and reload Emacs. Previews should work now! Hope this helps.

Sincerely, Matt