[Tex/LaTex] How to preview LaTeX in Emacs


I want a similar layout as in SO, I use it currently as my editor but I would like to find such tool under my fingers. I am more vi-prone so having hard time to get preview-latex working with emacs. I don't know whether it is the right tool but I want to see things shortly after typing some long latex equations without compiling cycle. How can I preview LaTeX?

Ps. I am using obsd and ubuntu.

Best Answer

The most common package to preview text in Emacs is Preview TeX, a package now build into AUCTeX


It works with both latex and pdflatex. Within a LaTeX buffer, just type C-c C-p C-b, or within the menu do Preview->for buffer.

A simpler, but less effective alternative is to use the X-Symbol package:


This one only shows special symbols (such as math operators or greek letters), but not much more than that. This package also does not seem to be developed anymore.