[Tex/LaTex] options for appearance of links in hyperref


If I use


I get colored links for \cite (not good for printing or even viewing) but table of content looks fine.

If I use


I get \cite links in black with a colored frame (this looks very good) but the table of content looks strange with extra long boxes.

What are my other options? Can you have two styles in different parts of a document?

How do you make the page numbers in TOC to be the links instead of the section headers?

Best Answer

You can customise pretty much any thing in that regard, all the way to hiding all the links (no colours, no frames, just plain black text) with hidelinks.

if you use colorlinks=true you can set (defaults in []):

  • linkcolor [red]
  • anchorcolor [black]
  • citecolor [green]
  • filecolor [cyan]
  • menucolor [red]
  • runcolor [cyan - same as file color]
  • urlcolor [magenta]
  • allcolors -- use this if you want to set all links to the same color

if you want some of these not coloured, simply set them to . (e.g., citecolor=.), which will use the color of the text where the link appears.

if you use colorlinks=false and therefore want the frames around the links you have access to these settings:

  • citebordercolor [rgb 0 1 0]
  • filebordercolor [rgb 0 .5 .5]
  • linkbordercolor [rgb 1 0 0]
  • menubordercolor [rgb 1 0 0]
  • urlbordercolor [rgb 0 1 1]
  • runbordercolor [rgb 0 .7 .7]
  • allbordercolors

again if you want some of these to not appear, set them to white.

In your case, if you want the frames around links in citations but not on the table of content (and therefore not on other links such as to figures, tables or footnotes) I suggest you have a \hypersetup configuration with at least:

    colorlinks = false,
    linkbordercolor = {white},
    <your other options...>,