[Tex/LaTex] Options and suggestions for hyperref font



I am interested in finding and implementing a more aesthetically pleasing style for the hyperlinks in my document.

I have read through the documentation, but I find both the colored text and the colored boxes to be distracting, particularly when there are many in a page. The "french style" monospace is not distinct enough from the \verb+font+ that I use frequently.


  1. How can I make hyperref links in a specific font or font style?

  2. What is a pleasing way to indicate references in a document without using too many colors?

Best Answer

I would not change the font for the hyperlinks if the document is supposed to be printed. This will make the links stand out even though they have no function in a paper version of your document.

I would suggest using


This will make the links colored in the electronic version where it serves a purpose but they will print in black. Use a color from the document color scheme.