[Tex/LaTex] Names with Apostrophes in Bibtex


I am putting together a paper, and an author in the citations has a name with an apostrophe. When I compile the pdf, the apostrophe is dropped, rendering the name from D'Urso to DUrso. How do I force BibTex to respect the apostrophe?

    author = "B D’Urso",
    title = "title",
    year = "year",
    journal = "Journal",
    volume = "volume", 
    Pages  = "pages",

which gives in the .BBL

 B.~D’Urso, Title, Journal Volume (year) pages.

which gives in the PDF

B. DUrso, title, Journal volume (year) pages.

Best Answer

Use a single quote: ', rather than an apostrophe:

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