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Maybe this is a really basic question but i can't seem to find an appropriate answer. For my master's degree thesis i need to have several titles in the cover (university name, my title, the subject of the work, etc.). Any elegant way to implement this?

(My university unfortunately does not provide any LaTeX template. By the way, suggestions have been awesome so far!)

I needed a cover similar to this:

enter image description here

Best Answer

One could control the entries using in \maketitle (such as \title, \author and/or \date). However, for large documents its simplest to use the titlepage environment and enter the content as is required by the university's specification. Here's a rough template:

enter image description here

{\LARGE\bfseries My thesis title}


{\Large Some subtitle for my thesis}


{\large An Author}


{\bfseries Submitted in fulfillment of the degree \ldots}


{\itshape University of Randomville}

% Other content goes here...


With exact specifications one can provide a more accurate template.

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