[Tex/LaTex] Modify symbol generated by \thanks using elsart.cls


I'm using elsart.cls to format a paper I'm writing, but I would really like to use a different symbol for the footnote attached to the title for the acknowledgements. As it stands now, the \thanks command generates a superscript "1" next to the title and uses the acknowledgements as the first footnote. I'd like to make it a \dagger and have the first footnote within the paper be footnote #1. I have tried this command:


but it does not appear to be working.

Best Answer

elsarticle doesn't support the \thanks command


\title{This is a specimen title\tnoteref{t1,t2}}
\tnotetext[t1]{This document is a collaborative effort.}
\tnotetext[t2]{The second title footnote which is a longer
longer than the first one and with an intention to fill
in up more than one line while formatting.}

\author{foo and bar}


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