[Tex/LaTex] Using symbol “{” in big size


I want to use to symbol { in big size and I tested $\left\{$ but it is not functional. So, I need to help for writing this symbol.

Best Answer

\left needs an accompanying \right (within the same group) in order for it to work as expected. The null delimiter . could be used to provide an accompaniment that shouldn't be printed (and may require some spacing correction).

For fixed-height sizes, you can use \big, \Big, \bigg or \Bigg. Extensible delimiters require \left (or \mleft):

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Fixed-height \verb|{|:
  \big\{ \quad \Big\{ \quad \bigg\{ \quad \Bigg\{

Extensible \verb|{|:
  \rule{0pt}{5\baselineskip}% Strut, or whatever


Typically \big-related scaling is used in a \bigl-\bigr context rather than just \big (for spacing purposes).

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