[Tex/LaTex] Matrix exceeds column width for IEEEtran format


I'm trying to fit this matrix within one column. But it is exceeding the limit and overlapping with the column beside of it.


$e^{At}$ = \[ \left[ \begin{array}{ccc}
3*e^{-t}-3*e^{-2t}+e^{-3t} & \dfrac{5}{2}*e^{-t}-4*e^{-2t}+\dfrac{3}{2}*e^{-3t} & \dfrac{1}{2}*e^{-t}-e^{-2t}+\dfrac{1}{2}*e^{-3t} \\\\
-3*e^{-t}+6*e^{-2t}-3*e^{-3t} & \dfrac{-5}{2}*e^{-t}+8*e^{-2t}-\dfrac{9}{2}*e^{-3t} & \dfrac{-1}{2}*e^{-t}+2*e^{-2t}-\dfrac{3}{2}*e^{-3t} \\\\
3*e^{-t}-12*e^{-2t}+9*e^{-3t} & \dfrac{5}{2}*e^{-t}-16*e^{-2t}+\dfrac{27}{2}*e^{-3t} & \dfrac{1}{2}*e^{-t}-4*e^{-2t}+\dfrac{9}{2})*e^{-3t} \end{array} \right]\]

Best Answer

I suggest you use the cuted package, and its strip environment, so as the equation spreads over two columns. I also reduced the size of the fraction coefficients using the \mfrac command (medium sized fractions), from the nccmath package:

\usepackage{mathtools, nccmath}


      3 e^{-t}-3 e^{-2t}+e^{-3t} & \mfrac{5}{2} e^{-t}-4 e^{-2t}+\mfrac{3}{2} e^{-3t} & \mfrac{1}{2} e^{-t}-e^{-2t}+\mfrac{1}{2} e^{-3t} \\[2ex]
      -3 e^{-t}+6 e^{-2t}-3 e^{-3t} & -\mfrac{5}{2} e^{-t}+8 e^{-2t}-\mfrac{9}{2} e^{-3t} & -\mfrac{1}{2} e^{-t}+2 e^{-2t}-\mfrac{3}{2} e^{-3t} \\[2ex]
      3 e^{-t}-12 e^{-2t}+9 e^{-3t} & \mfrac{5}{2} e^{-t}-16 e^{-2t}+\mfrac{27}{2} e^{-3t} & \mfrac{1}{2} e^{-t}-4 e^{-2t}+\mfrac{9}{2} e^{-3t}


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