[Tex/LaTex] \lessim slanted variation


I need a \leq symbol underlined like the symbol \leqslant (in order to obtain a sort of \lessim version of \leqslant)

That is, with the \sim parallel to the bottom part of \leq (and as well integrated as possible).

enter image description here

Do you know whether such a symbol already exists or is easy to obtain?

Best Answer

Here is a solution using stackengine and graphicx. Probably you should scale the whole operator down a little bit, but it does what it should be.

If you want this as a macro just do \newcommand\myop{\ensuremath\mathrel{\raisebox{1pt}{\stackunder{$<$}{\rotatebox{-27}{\resizebox{7pt}{2pt}{$\sim$}}}}}}.




$a \mathrel{\raisebox{1pt}{\stackunder{$<$}{\rotatebox{-27}{\resizebox{7pt}{2pt}{$\sim$}}}}} b$
$a \leqslant b$
$a \simeq b$


Update: Use \boldsymbol{\sim} with a resizebox of 6.5pt instead (as the OP himself/herself suggested) and the output will look nicer.

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