[Tex/LaTex] Left-aligning equations


How do I left-align selective equation blocks, i.e. not centered ?

I know how to do it for ALL equation blocks in the document setting


in the preamble, but I only want to do this for some equation blocks.



De raaklijn aan $(x_{0},f(x_{0}))$ wordt algemeen bepaald met :
\textnormal{$\begin{cases}z=f(x)\text{ is continu in }x_{0}\text{.}\\
f'(x_{0})=0\text{ : }z=f(x_{0})\text{ is de horizontale raaklijn.}\\
\lim_{x\to x_{0}} f'(x)=\pm\infty\text{ : }x=x_{0}\text{ is de verticale raaklijn.}\\
f'(x_{0})\in\mathbb{R}_{0}\text{ : }z-f(x_{0})=f'(x_{0})\cdot(x-x_{0})\text{ is de raaklijn.\hspace{-12pt}}\end{cases}$}\end{empheq}


Best Answer

Don't use align*.

De raaklijn aan $(x_{0},f(x_{0}))$ wordt algemeen bepaald met:
z=f(x) \text{ is continu in } x_{0}.
f'(x_{0})=0 \text{ : } z=f(x_{0}) \text{ is de horizontale raaklijn.}
\lim_{x\to x_{0}} f'(x)=\pm\infty \text{ : } x=x_{0} \text{ is de verticale raaklijn.}
f'(x_{0})\in\mathbb{R}_{0} \text{ : } z-f(x_{0})=f'(x_{0})\cdot(x-x_{0})
  \text{ is de raaklijn.}

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