[Tex/LaTex] latex chapter not included in table of content

table of contents

I have created chapter by


I want this to be visible in my table of contents but when I do \tableofcontents. I cannot see them. Can anyone tell me how to include chapters in table of contents? I am using latex in ubuntu 12.04. For instance if \chapter{"one"} is in page 20 and is the third chapter. Then in table of contents I should see 3. One 20 Something like this.

Edited version

Here is a small sample latex script. I have used acm template:




% Title portion
\title{Sample text}




this is a content


I can see a title page, table of contents with no ABC in it, just Contents.

The link to the template is: http://www.acm.org/publications/latex_style/acm-large-v1-3.zip

Best Answer

The largest sectional unit supported by the acmlarge document class is \section. For some reason, \chapter is defined to \relax, so using it doesn't cause an error, but it doesn't create a chapter either.

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