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I wrote a document where some abbreviations are repeated several times. Therefore I wanted to introduce a list of abbreviations in the table of contents. I did not use any package to record the abbrevations, consequently I followed the approach reported in here to make my own one.

Since all my other lists in the table of content (i.e. List of Figures, List of Tables ecc.) have a specific layout for the title (it is like you call them using a \chapter*{List of ****} command), I wanted to introduce it also for my List of Abbreviations.Therefore, I wrote the code as below:

\usepackage[font={footnotesize}]{caption}  %%%%%
\usepackage[font={footnotesize}]{subcaption} %%%%
\usepackage{changepage} %%%%
\newcommand{\abbrlabel}[1]{\makebox[3cm][l]{\textbf{#1}\ \dotfill}}



%% TOC with the proper setup, do not change.
\chapter*{List of Abbreviations}
\item [A] Abbreviation

Some text

Some text


My problem is that when I run this LaTeX file, I see the list of abbreviations title on the list of abbreviations page, but I do not see it in the "Contents" index.

How can I solve the problem and get it recorded in the "Contents" too?

Best Answer

This is as easy as removing the *:

\chapter{List of Abbreviations}

Explanation: in the scope of \frontmatter, chapters are not numbered.

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