[Tex/LaTex] LaTeX beamer presentation-package 16:9 aspect ratio


I'm programming a presentation in LaTeX using the beamer class.

However, it defaults to 4:3 aspect ratio slides, while everything I use is 16:9. Is there an easy way to change this using a command or two?

Best Answer

It looks like the current version of beamer supports aspectratio option.


should do exactly that. Other possible values are: 1610, 149, 54, 43 and 32.

By default, it is to 128mm by 96mm(4:3).

edited to add: As of the 2022 (so TeXLive users will need to have TeXLive 2022), arbitrary aspect ratios are available. Two-digit numbers after aspectratio= will be interpreted as X:Y, three-digit numbers as XX:Y and four digit as XX:YY.