[Tex/LaTex] Kile vs WinEDT vs TexShop


Question 1.
When I type \begin{document}
What keyboard shortcut can I use to so TexShop/Kile/WinEDT will automatically type the following: \end{document}

Question 2. How to do the following in WinEDT/Kile, I alrealdy know texshop


moon & 456456456423423534 & 2342523
sun  & 234324             & 3453

Best Answer

In WinEdt:

  1. Type } after \begin{document}, that is: type


    You can also use > after \begin{something} to change the environment name to something else. For example, typing > after begin{tabbing} in the following example


    prompts you for inserting a new environment name. If you insert tabular you get


    Moreover, the string \end{{ triggers environment completion. It searches for the last opened environment and closes it.

  2. See Harish Kumar's answer to your question Which text editor to make tables scripts human readable

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