[Tex/LaTex] Is the inline scaling of $\gtrsim$ or $\gtrapprox$ ok


I want to write the commands \gtrsim or \gtrapprox from the amsart class inline but the symbols look disproportionally big compared to x, y:



 $x\gtrsim y$ or  $x\gtrapprox y$


enter image description here

I tried \scriptstyle but it looks awful. Is the scaling correct and if no what to do?

Best Answer

The symbols of package amssymb for \gtrsim and \gtrapprox are a little larger than in other fonts (e.g., MnSymbl). The symbols can be shrunk via \scalebox. Small disadvantage: the shrinking also affects the line thickness.

The following example scales the symbols to 80% and respects the current math style. Furthermore, the symbol remains centered around the current math axis:



  % #1: scale factor
  % #2: math style
  % #3: symbol
  \dimen@=\ht0 %

  $x\gtrsim y$ or $x\gtrapprox y$

  $x\GtrSim y$ or $x\GtrApprox y$

  $\scriptstyle x\GtrSim y$ or $\scriptstyle x\GtrApprox y$

  $\scriptscriptstyle x\GtrSim y$ or $\scriptscriptstyle x\GtrApprox y$