[Tex/LaTex] Installation of TeXnicCenter dictionary


I downloaded the Portuguese dictionary from OpenOffice repository. Following the instructions provided in the TeXnicCenter documentation, I moved the .aff and .dic files to the language folder of the TXC. However, it fails when I try to set it as the default language. Under Options -> Spelling, the option pt-BR is present and I select it as the dicionary to be used and click OK, but I receive the message:

Cannot open: C:\Users\user\Documents\TXCUserDicionary.dic Creating empty personal dictionary.

I am using TeXnicCenter 2.02, 64-bits.

Can anyone guess what's going on here?

Best Answer

I had the same problem with 'fr' dic. I moved my "personal dictionary" file to a folder where I have the write/read rights (your problem ?), but also under version control (SVN), which allows me to share this file with TEX sources.

Tools\options\Spelling : You can change de 'Personal dictionary' folder

For exemple D:\Applic\LatexDoc\share\TXCUserDictionary.dic

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