[Tex/LaTex] Insert multiple figures in Latex


I need to insert 10 figures (in two columns- side by side) in LaTeX that will have one global caption, but also I need to name each figure (1a, 1b, 1c, … ect.). So they will look like:

 1a        1b

 1c        1d

 1e        1f

 1g        1h

 1i        1j

Figure 1: plots of....

I would really appreciate if you guys can provide any help.

Best Answer

Below is how to insert two figures. Pls adapt this as per your needs. You need subcaption package.

\caption{plots of....}

enter image description here

Refer this for information about another method http://texblog.org/2011/05/24/placing-figures-side-by-side-subfig/

This is also similar to what you are looking for - how to put subfigures in several rows

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