[Tex/LaTex] Inline BibTeX in LaTeX




\usepackage{url, cite, datetime, filecontents}

\title{Bare Demo of IEEEtran.cls for Conferences}

\IEEEspecialpapernotice{(last revised: \today)}

    title = {Iterative deconvolution and semiblind deconvolution methods in magnetic archaeological prospecting},
    volume = {74},
    issn = {0016-8033, 1942-2156},
    url = {http://library.seg.org/doi/abs/10.1190/1.3129263},
    doi = {10.1190/1.3129263},
    number = {4},
    urldate = {2014-01-24},
    journal = {GEOPHYSICS},
    author = {Zunino, Andrea and Benvenuto, Federico and Armadillo, Egidio and Bertero, Mario and Bozzo, Emanuele},
    month = jul,
    year = {2009},
    pages = {L43--L51}


The abstract goes here.

Not a convoluted \cite{zunino_iterative_2009}\ldots example

\bibliography{IEEEabrv, \jobname}


I've also tried with the following blocks:

  • \begin{*filecontents}{\jobname.bib}\end{*filecontents}

Additionally I've tried putting the filecontents lines above the \bibliography line.

And to replace that bibliography line I've tried these:

  • \bibliography{IEEEabrv, \jobname}
  • \bibliography{IEEEabrv}
  • \bibliography{}
  • \begin{thebibliography}\end{thebibliography}
  • \bibliographystyle{ieeetran}\bibliography{references}


  • MiKTeX-pdfTeX 2.9.5496 (1.40.15) (MiKTeX 2.9 64-bit)
  • MiKTeX Compiler Driver 2.9.5497 (MiKTeX 2.9 64-bit)

(TeXworks – texify --pdf --tex-option=$synctexoption $fullnamepdfLaTeX+MakeIndex+BibTeX)


Unfortunately no matter which of these I try, no bibliography is generated and next to the citation it just says [?].

Best Answer

\section{Polka loving Platypus}
\bibliography{xampl, biblatex-examples}

Running bibtex on the aux file of the first LaTeX run gives us the following

    The style file: alpha.bst
    White space in argument---line 5 of file atInlineBib.aux
     : \bibdata{xampl,
     :                 biblatex-examples}
    I'm skipping whatever remains of this command

This tells us, we need to remove the space in the argument of \bibliography to get BibTeX satisfied. In the end, we will see the the expected result.