[Tex/LaTex] Increasing left margins when using scrbook with geometry


I am producing a very large book and need to shift the pages just a little to the right because of excess content generated in the left margin. I cannot have it set both margins bigger as the problem is always inside the left margin.

I've tried to increase the left parameter of the \geometry package but that just increases all the inside margins which in a book alternates between left and right.

The following is the top part of my .tex file showing which packages gets loaded. The culprit is the mvd-verse package, but it is a specialised package producing numbers in the left margin. However I think it is not actually using the actual margin and that is why I need to move the whole page to the right, since some of the numbers gets pushed off the page.

\documentclass[pagesize=pdftex, fontsize=9.2pt]{scrbook}


% Paragraph formatting



Best Answer

I do find such an asymetric layout a bit dubious, but the hoffset option of geometry will probably do what you want.